Practical Info

Practical Info

All you need to know about Sunrise Festival!

Practical info
Cashless Refund

Cashless Refund

Heb je na het festival nog SUNS over?
Geen probleem: vanaf 29 juni tot en met 8 juli kan je een refund aanvragen via de website.

Let op: na 8 juli is het niet meer mogelijk om een refund aan te vragen!

Voor deze service worden 2 SUNS aangerekend om de administratie- en transactiekosten te dekken.

Cashless refund
When does Sunrise Festival 2022 take place?

When does Sunrise Festival 2022 take place?

Sunrise Festival will take place i the weekend of 24, 25 and 26 June in 2022.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Sunfields Camping is your home during one hell of a weekend at Sunrise Festival.

Sunfields Camping opens on Friday 24 June at 13:00h and closes on Monday 27 June at 12:00h.

Friday 24 June: 13:00h - 00:00h
Saturday 25 June: 09:00h - 16:00h
Sunday 26 June: 09:00h - 14:00h

Monday 27 June: till 12:00h

Friday 24 June: 19:00h - 01:00h
Saturday 25 June: 12:00h - 01:00h
Sunday 26 June: 12:00h - 00:00h

De Lilse Bergen

De Lilse Bergen

Welcome to the beautiful recreation area of De Lilse Bergen. Located in a green oasis, surrounded by a beautiful beach and water, De Lilse Bergen is without a doubt the perfect location to kick off the festival season.

Located nearby E34: 30 minutes from Antwerp (Exit 21) and Eindhoven (Exit 22).

De Lilse Bergen
Strandweg 6
2275 Gierle

How To Get There

How To Get There

Are you staying at Sunrise Festival the entire weekend? Travel to the station of Herentals and take the shuttle service to Sunrise Festival. Find out the quickest way to travel to the train station of Herentals from your location on Check out to plan your trip by using public transport.

GPS address: Beersebaan, 2275 Gierle
Turn off the GPS as soon as you start seeing Sunrise Festival signs along the road. Follow the signs to the Sunrise Festival Parking. From there you can walk easily to the festival area.

Sunrise Festival features a large parking lot. The parking lots are within walking range of Sunrise Festival. Parking your car will cost you 10 EUR for one day and 15 EUR for a full weekend (online). At Sunrise Festival you will pay 15 EUR for one day and 20 EUR for a full weekend.

Please note: if you leave the parking lot and would like to re-enter, you will have to pay again. Don't leave any valuables in your car. Although we have supervisors on our parkings, the organization cannot be held responsible for any damages or theft at the parkings.

There is a Kiss & Ride parking where you can be dropped off and picked up. Please follow the signs and directions to the Kiss & Ride area, which is located near exit 22 'Beerse' (E34).

Kiss & Ride is only permitted at the official Kiss & Ride parking; do not drop off or pick up people elsewhere to avoid traffic jams. Police will control on this matter.

There will be a free shuttle service from the Kiss & Ride area to Sunrise Festival. From the Kiss & Ride area, the shuttle buses will drop you off near the entrance of Sunrise Festival. After Sunrise Festival, the buses will bring you back to the Kiss & Ride area.

Yes we like! Follow the bike signs to De Lilse Bergen (Gierle) and park your bike for free near the main entrance of Sunrise Festival. Lock up your bike and follow the signs to Sunrise Festival. We are not responsible for damages or the loss of your bike so park it decently and lock it up well.

Sunfields Camping A + B

Sunfields Camping A + B

Allereerst welkom bij de gezelligste camping van de Kempen: dit is Sunfields Camping!

Sunfields Camping A en B bevinden zich in een groene oase, op een steenworpafstand van Sunrise Festival.

Sunfields Camping A aan de ene kant van de snelweg (die trouwens al helemaal is volgeboekt) en 5 minuten verder lopen over de brug vind je Sunfields Camping B – dé ideale uitbreiding voor nóg meer gezelligheid!

Verblijf jij op Sunfields Camping? No stress! Als Sunfields Camping bezoeker mag je zowel Sunfields Camping A als Sunfields Camping B bezoeken wanneer bijvoorbeeld je vrienden op de andere camping verblijven:

vrijdag en zaterdag: tot 03:30u (tussen 03:30u en 07:00u een exit only policy)
zondag: tot 02:00u (tussen 02:00u een exit only policy)

Enige belangrijke puntje is dan wel dat je dient te slapen (of je tent op te zetten) op de betreffende Sunfields Camping die op jouw ticket staat vermeld.

Om het nóg duidelijker te maken droppen we voor de zekerheid even een mapje op je scherm: hier, pak aan!



Sunny Sunrise atmospheres at the nicest campsite in the Kempen: SUNFIELDS!

All accommodations are now available!

Voucher Shop Entrance Tickets 2020

Voucher Shop Entrance Tickets 2020

Voucher shop entrance tickets 2020

This shop is exclusively for holders of a complete and unused voucher issued for the postponed edition of Sunrise 2020.

Enter your email address with which you bought your tickets for Sunrise Festival 2020 at the time to gain access to the voucher shop.

You can only buy the same type of tickets that you bought at the time.

Would you like to order a different type of ticket, accommodation, boozebag or other extras? Then go to the regular ticket shop and use your voucher code as a discount at the check-out of the shop.

If you have already partly redeemed your voucher for Sunset Festival 2021 or for other products for Sunrise Festival 2022, the residual value of your new voucher can only be redeemed as a discount for a purchase of your choice at the check-out of the regular ticket shop.

Download nú de app!

Download nú de app!

Download hier de gloednieuwe Sunrise app op je iPhone in de App Store of op je Android in de Google Play Store en blijf op de hoogte van de allerlaatste nieuwtjes!

Minimum Age & Zero Tolerance

Minimum Age & Zero Tolerance

The minimum age to enter Sunrise Festival and Sunfields Camping is 16, but access is also granted to those who are turning 16 in 2022. Make sure to bring your ID because your age will be checked at the entrance.

Sunrise Festival is a Zero Tolerance event. This means that all types of soft and hard drugs are not allowed. If drugs are found, you will be handed over to the police.

Please read the general rules and conditions for Sunrise Festival here. These are very important for you to be aware of what is allowed or not and to be informed about the conditions concerning the ticket sales. Please make sure you read this before buying a ticket.

At Sunrise

At Sunrise

There will be lockers available at the campsite and the festival site. Renting a locker at Sunfields Camping costs 10 EUR for the whole weekend. At the festival site (Saturday and Sunday) renting a locker will cost you 6 EUR.

Sunrise = completely cashless! You use the wristband to buy food and drinks at the festival.


Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw cash at Sunrise Festival either, as Sunrise is completely cashless.

My question hasn’t been answered yet, what can I do?

My question hasn’t been answered yet, what can I do?

For all general questions regarding the festival, send us a mail to

For all ticket and voucher related questions, please visit the helpdesk of Paylogic .

Keep in mind that it might take us some time to respond on all mails, we'll do our best to help you as quick as possible.

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