Practical info

Practical info

Sunrise Festival will take place from 23 June till 25 June 2023.

Sunfields Camping opens on Friday 23 June at 12:00h and closes on Monday 26 June at 12:00h.

Friday 23 June: 12:00h - 00:00h
Saturday 24 June: 09:00h - 16:00h
Sunday 25 June: 09:00h - 14:00h

Monday 26 June: till 12:00h

Friday 23 June: 16:00h - 01:00h
Saturday 24 June: 12:00h - 01:00h
Sunday 25 June: 12:00h - 00:00h

Sunrise Festival will take place at De Lilse Bergen. The GPS address is: Beersebaan, 2275 Gierle.

Please follow the festival signings once you see them (turn off your GPS at that point).

The minimum age to enter Sunrise Festival and Sunfields Camping is 16, but access is also granted to those who are turning 16 in 2023. Make sure to bring your ID because your age will be checked at the entrance.

Are you staying the entire weekend at Sunrise Festival? Find out the quickest way to travel to the train station of Herentals from your location on Check out to plan your trip by using public transport.

GPS address: Beersebaan, 2275 Gierle
Turn off the GPS as soon as you start seeing Sunrise Festival signs along the road. Follow the signs to the Sunrise Festival Parking. From there you can walk easily to the festival area.

Sunrise Festival features a large parking lot. The parking lots are within walking range of Sunrise Festival. Parking your car will cost you 10 EUR for one day and 15 EUR for a full weekend (online). At Sunrise Festival you will pay 15 EUR for one day and 20 EUR for a full weekend.

Please note: if you leave the parking lot and would like to re-enter, you will have to pay again. Don't leave any valuables in your car. Although we have supervisors on our parkings, the organization cannot be held responsible for any damages or theft at the parkings.

There is a Kiss & Ride parking where you can be dropped off and picked up. Please follow the signs and directions to the Kiss & Ride area, which is located near exit 22 'Beerse' (E34).

Kiss & Ride is only permitted at the official Kiss & Ride parking; do not drop off or pick up people elsewhere to avoid traffic jams. Police will control on this matter.

Yes we like! Follow the bike signs to De Lilse Bergen (Gierle) and park your bike for free near the main entrance of Sunrise Festival. Lock up your bike and follow the signs to Sunrise Festival. We are not responsible for damages or the loss of your bike so park it decently and lock it up well.

Sunrise = completely cashless! No more queuing at the cash register and immediately scoring a drink at the bar after arrival? You can!

Register your ticket online and top up by loading 'SUNS' (Sunrise's currency) into your cashless account before you arrive at the festival.

Of course you can also add extra SUNS to your wristband at a Cashless Top Up Point at the festival or by scanning the QR tag on your wristband and top up extra SUNS via Payconiq.

Super simple to start partying right away!

Do you have any SUNS left after the festival?

No problem: after the festival you can request a refund via the website. For this service 2 SUNS are charged to cover administration and transaction costs.

Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw cash at Sunrise Festival either, as Sunrise is completely cashless.

There will be lockers available at the campsite and the festival site. Renting a locker at Sunfields Camping costs 10 EUR for the whole weekend. At the festival site (Saturday and Sunday) renting a locker will cost you 6 EUR.

Only people who have a valid ticket are allowed to enter Sunfields Camping.

- You will get your camping bracelets at the main entrance of Sunrise Festival. Note: it will only be possible to receive your bracelets if you have a valid ticket and your ID card

- The organization of Sunrise Festival has set up a few camping rules to guarantee safety at the Sunfields Camping site. People who violate these rules will be asked to leave the camping and might also be excluded to the festival

- Disposable BBQ's, cookers or gas utilities are allowed at Sunfields Camping (max. 250 grams). Note: disposable BBQ's are available at the Sunfields Camping shop. The organization will provide a BBQ zone: do not BBQ near your own tent

- It is allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the campsite but there's a limit of 6 canned alcoholic drinks (max. 50cl each) and 6 cans or bottles (plastic) of water/soda/energy drink (max. 50cl each) per person. You're only allowed to consume your own food and drinks at the campsite and not on the festival grounds. You can only enter once with the limited amount of drinks or food. Alcoholic liquors are not allowed

- Note that your camp space is limited. You can bring a tent as big as you want, but you have to make sure that the surface of the tent is used for the number of people who fit in the tent. If you bring a tent for 5 people, you have to sleep in it with 5 people! Otherwise, the campsite will be too small

- It will be possible to buy food and drinks at the Sunfields Camping site. Breakfast options are also available

- There is also a Sunfields Camping Shop with all kinds of supplies

- Toilet units will be available at Sunfields Camping and they will be free

Sunfields Camping offers everything to make your stay as comfortable as possible:

- Info Point - ready to serve and help you during your stay at Sunfields Camping

- Toilets - free use and will be cleaned on a regular basis. It is not allowed to pee outside the toilet area

- Showers - get fresh and fruity at Sunfields Camping. The shower area will be cleaned on a regular basis

- Volleyball Court + Soccer Field - let's play and bring your own soccer or volleyball! Soccer and volleyballs are also available at the Info Point in case you forget to bring yours. This will cost you a deposit of 5 EUR which you will get back when you return them

- BBQ Area - a safe and cosy area where you can prepare and enjoy your meal to the fullest

- Cell Phone Charging Station - where all cell phones can be charged

- Festival Brigade - need some help by setting up your tent? The Festival Brigade is here to help you; at your service

- Food Stands + Bar - there will be plenty food stands available and of course a bar

- Sunfields Camping Shop - forgot something? No stress! The Sunfields Camping shop will provide you with the basic camping things you need: allowed BBQ sets, air mattresses, pumps, flashlights, tampons, condoms, ...

- Lockers - renting a locker at Sunfields Camping will cost you 10 EUR and are located near the Info Point. Sharing is caring so share a locker with your friends

- First Aid - do not hesitate to ask them for help when it's needed

Do you have a question? Please check out our website first, more of the answers can be found online: If you cannot find the answer you're looking for, please send an email to Keep in mind that it might take us some time to respond on all mails, we'll do our best to help you as quick as possible.

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