Coming by car?

Coming by car?

GPS address: Beersebaan, 2275 Gierle 
Turn off the GPS as soon as you start seeing Sunrise Festival signs along the road. Follow the signs to the Sunrise Festival Parking. From there you can walk easily to the festival area.

The event location features a large parking lot. The parking lots are within walking range of Sunrise Festival. Parking your car will cost you 10 EUR for one day and 15 EUR for a full weekend (online). At the event location you will pay 15 EUR for one day and 20 EUR for a full weekend.

Please note: if you leave the parking lot and would like to re-enter, you will have to pay again. Don't leave any valuables in your car. Although we have supervisors on our parkings, the organization cannot be held responsible for any damages or theft at the parkings.

There is a Kiss & Ride parking where you can be dropped off and picked up. Please follow the signs and directions to the Kiss & Ride area, which is located near Exit 22 'Beerse' (E34).

Kiss & Ride is only permitted at the official Kiss & Ride parking; do not drop off or pick up people elsewhere to avoid traffic jams. Police will control on this matter.

There will be a free shuttle service from the Kiss & Ride area to Sunrise Festival. From the Kiss & Ride area, the shuttle buses will drop you off near the festival entrance. After the festival, the buses will bring you back to the Kiss & Ride area.

Friday 28 June - from 12:00h till 02:00h
Saturday 29 June - from 11:00h till 02:00h
Sunday 30 June - from 11:00h till 01:00h
Monday 01 July - from 09:00h till 13:00h

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